Wanderers of Changing Worlds

Walk and Talk through Europe's Climates

Wanderers of Changing Worlds is a combined research, education and media project. It is about walking across Europe to understand regional experiences of Climate Change. It is about listening to local perspectives, learning from them and connecting these stories together to construct a holistic, people-centric understanding of these complex phenomena.

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Our project(s)

Research project

We aim to understand how people experience Climate Change and all its biophysical and sociocultural repercussions. Through a unique and interdisciplinary approach of walking, listening and (re-)telling we aim to understand, explain and connect the experiences and practices of local actors from across Europe. This research process will be circular, challenge-led and integrative of both quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis and theory building.

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Education project

While we see ourselves as researchers, we are also activists and mediators. That is why we aim to conduct participatory action workshops in each region to help fully engage local actors with the global challenges posed by Climate Change. These actors will include local climate action groups, institutions such as schools or universities, pre-existing research projects in the field, local political action groups and interested citizens. The intention of the education project is to drive momentum for individual and collective action on a local level which will support and be supported by the SDG framework.

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Media and art project

The media and art project aims to extend the academic knowledge generated in the research project and the local to global collaboration facilitated in the education project. The core purpose of the project in its entirety is to listen and collect the stories and experience of the people we meet along the way. It is important to the overall aim of this project that these stories are told. That is why the third pillar is devoted to creating podcasts, films, blogs, and works of art which will communicate these local stories to a global audience. 

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The three pillars connect scientific theories and methods, activist and everyday action, national and international frameworks, as well as arts and sports leading to a more holistic understanding of changing climates.”

– Wanderers of Changing Worlds –

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12:00 am - 11:59 pmNorth Cape


We are currently working on this, so please check back at a later point for more events.

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