Postponing the Climate Walk

Dear friends of the Climate Walk,
You haven’t heard from us in a while on this blog, which is due the conclusion of an important decision-making process within our team. With both a sad and happy heart we announce that the Climate Walk will be postponed one year until the 5th of June 2022.
As the pandemic is still ongoing and the widespread accessibility of vaccinations will presumably only be achieved in the next months, we feel like this is the only responsible way going forward. From the very beginning we envisioned the Climate Walk as a movement of open participation, as it revolves around experiences with Climate Change all around Europe. In the current situation we simply cannot ensure the safety of anyone involved, and we cannot justify the potential risk to the health of the Wanderers, of the people who will walk with us, or to the project itself. What is more, the Climate Walk relies on a relatively strict schedule, which we could not guarantee to adhere to if we were to start in June this year.

As difficult as it has been to arrive at this decision, we are still relieved that we made it. The safety of postponing the start of the Walk just heavily outweighs the risks we have been facing, which takes a lot of pressure off our shoulders. It also bears a lot of new and exciting opportunities for us as a team and the project.

The time before we came to this decision has been very exciting, numerous ideas started to take form, and momentum was really starting to pick up. With this postponement we do not want to risk losing this momentum, but channel it into something productive and exciting.

Announcing the Climate Walk through Austria 2021

We are thus happy to announce the Climate Walk through Austria (working title) taking place this summer! From east to west (or the other way around, we are not completely sure yet) we will walk through Austria to test our concepts and methods, strengthen community ties, and gain valuable experiences. This enables us to, on a smaller scale, try out everything we have set out to do originally, and to further secure our position for the bigger project in 2022. We are really only in the early phases of organizing this, but it gives our team’s effort purpose and bridges the gap until June 2022.

Before we even thought about the possibility of postponing, we increasingly came to realize what this project of ours meant, and what it could and will turn out to be. The potential of it is nearly limitless – which is both exciting and intimidating. We ultimately see this as a positive development not only for the project, but for the ever-growing community around the Climate Walk – even though it means waiting for another year. However, we would rather wait another year and utilize the time we gained than jeopardize the health of the Wanderers and the success of the project.

We are confident in our decision and hope that you can understand and support it. As we said, it brings a lot of opportunities for us as a team and for the project itself. The Climate Walk through Austria is still in its inception, so if you have suggestions for the route, or are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us – we look forward to hearing you!
For those of you outside of Austria, we know that this alternative is not the best consolation. We will follow the Walk intensively through our different social media channels, so be sure to follow along!

Besides this we also organized an online lecture at the University of Vienna, which starts today,  March 11th. It is full of fascinating topics and open for everyone, so follow the link if you are interested! You can also find the recordings of past lectures here.

If you have any questions about the Climate Walk’s postponement, about the alternative Walk through Austria, or about anything really, feel free to contact us via or our social media channels!

Thank you for all the support so far, we are excited for the future and hope you are too!

All the best from the Wanderers of Changing Worlds,
Alexandra, Anna, Eva, Julia, Martin, Martina, Timo, Gerald.

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  1. Brigitta Fleischmann

    Hallo, ich interessiere mich sehr für den Climate-Walk durch Österreich und bitte um Information, vielen Dank!

    1. Climate Walk

      Hallo Brigitta,
      Schau mal unter “What We Do” – und auf Geh´ma Austria – hier kannst du dich anmelden. Wir freuen uns!

      Liebe Grüße
      The Wanderers

  2. Ulrike Theusinger

    Hallo Eva, ich habe in der ö1 Sendung Reparatur der Zukunft euren Beitrag gehört und interessiere mich für den Österreichich Walk in diesem Jahr. Datum und Zeit für die Wegstrecke durch Salzburg wäre für mich spannend. Ich denke darüber nach ob ich diese Strecke mitbegleite und somit beteilige. Bitte sendet mir Näheres zu.

    1. Martin Thalhammer

      Liebe Ulrike, hier findest du erste Informationen zum Österreich-Walk (, der Route kannst du auch die jeweiligen Etappen und Zeiträume im Salzburgerischen entnehmen. Eine Anmeldung für Mitgeher*innen über die Homepage wird es in den nächsten Tagen geben. Diese ist dafür gedacht, in Anbetracht der Covid-Situation die Gruppe halbwegs klein und überschaubar zu halten. Bei weiteren Fragen schreibe uns gerne jederzeit direkt unter:
      Wir freuen uns über dein Interesse, liebe Grüße,
      Martin (vom CW-Team)

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