Climate Walk – Geh’ma, Austria (English)

We are happy to announce the Climate Walk – Geh’ma, Austria taking place this summer!

Starting on the 3rd of July, we walk from west to east, covering a broad variety of landscapes and practices. People’s perceptions and experiences in the rural regions of the mountain areas, the alpine foothills and the rather flat and more densely populated areas of Vienna will be on our track. With this alternative, we get the possibility to strengthen community ties and gain valuable experiences.

This enables us to, on a smaller scale, try out everything we have set out to do originally, and to further secure our position for the bigger project and bridges the gap until the beginning of the european Climate Walk on the 5th of June 2022.

The walk

For about two months, our walk will lead us through the 9 counties, covering the whole variety of Austria. It enables us, to visit our project partners, but also to discover and get to know new initiatives and indiviuals on the way. Everyone is invited to join us on our walk and share our experiences. However, we are aware of current restrictions due to the pandemia and want to make sure to act in a responsible way and to let everyone feel safe and secure during the adventure. Therefore, we ask you to sign up on our contact form for the specific day or days you want to accompany us. With this, we want to make sure to keep the walking group rather small. The registration for the participation at certain stages will be open from mid-May on. Further information about accomodation possibilities will be added soon.

Days until the “Walk-Off” on the 3rd of July:


Where are we going?

For specific information about the route, please check out
our collection on Komoot or click here.

If you want to take part, please fill in the registration form.
On Komoot you will find the accommodation the Wanderers will stay in (hotel, hostel, campsite, garden,…) as well as possible alternatives. Interested participants are asked to arrange sleeping accommodations themselves either at the same address as the Wanderers, or in one of the alternative accommodations. Since the organization is a lot of work, not all the stages have been completed yet. We ask for a little patience, but in the meantime we are happy to receive any support (tent in garden, private rooms, etc.).

We are looking forward to hiking together!

… and what should I take with me?

Checklist Hiking Equipment

The following list, compiled by the Wanderers, contains the most important information about the basic hiking equipment for future hikers of the “Climate Walk Geh’ma, Austria!. We do not guarantee completeness and point out that each individual is free to decide what he/she needs and wants to take with him/her for the hike (also in addition to the listed items).

  • Backpack + rain protection for backpack (weight backpack: approx. 10-15% of your own body weight)
  • Sleeping bag, tent, undermats
  • Good hiking boots, good hiking socks
  • Trousers, t-shirts, warm shirts, hiking rain jacket
  • Headgear, sun protection, sunglasses
  • Hygiene items (Share and Care) the less weight in the backpack, the better
  • Soaps, nail scissors (as little as possible plastic packaging)
  • Small towel or thin travel towel
  • Drinking bottle (s), opt.: 1x Thermos
  • Magnesium, blister patches, medicines, gels/mosquito spray
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Small snacks, small Swiss knife, spoon (for snacking)
  • Headlamp
  • Mobile phone, charging cable, power bank, optional: Kindle, camera
  • Disinfectant and FFP2 mask

    Further important information:

  • Covid rules observe the 3 Gs (tested, vaccinated, recovered)!
  • In´surance
  • Take a good look at the trail beforehand (all details about altitude meters, trail conditions etc. on Komoot)
  • Book accommodation beforehand