ClimateExcursion | 60+

The “ClimateExkursion | 60+” (de: “KlimaAusflug | 60+”) project aims to provide low-threshold access to knowledge about climate change and raise awareness within the target group of people aged above 60 years. For this, excursions to climate-relevant destinations are organized. The aim is to create interest in the topic, support climate protection and increasingly involve the target group in the transformation process towards climate neutrality. With this strong focus on seniors, we are taking new steps to contribute to the City of Vienna’s climate neutrality goals.

As a subproject of the Climate Walk, “ClimateExkursion| 60+” acts on a local level in cooperation with Viennese pensioneers institutions. It aims to familiarise the population group aged 60 and over with climate knowledge through a target group-oriented climate education programme and subsequently involve them in the transformation process towards a climate-neutral society. Day trips to climate-relevant destinations and themed workshops are used to impart climate knowledge and make the topic tangible. The educational programme covers the scientific background to climate change and its effects on individuals and the social system. In addition, individual and societal options for action and adaptation are discussed and demonstrated. The focus is always on the interests, challenges and needs of the 60+ age group.

In the coming months (spring and summer 2024), excursions to local stakeholders and organisations affected by climate change, such as farms and agricultural business will take place. Further, climate change related workshops will be carried out and followed up for a better understanding of the interconnections on natural, social and political part. If the project is successful, further climate trips will be planned and carried out in 2025. The aim is to reach as many senior citizens as possible in order to further advance the transformation process towards climate neutrality – even among people aged 60 or older. In addition, information materials (information brochures and thematic profiles) will be produced to raise awareness of the issue among participants and their social environment as well as the pensioneers institutions in the long term (even after the events).

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