The Climate Walk is a combined research, education and media-art project by the Wanderers of Changing Worlds. It is about walking across Europe to understand regional experiences of Climate Change. It is about listening to local perspectives, learning from them and connecting these stories together to construct a holistic, people-centric understanding of these complex phenomena.

We are happy to invite you to join us on our adventure!

Walk with us!

What to expect?

Starting in June 2022, we will walk through 18 European countries, exploring human perceptions, experiences and practices in dealing with Climate Change, and promote cooperation between individuals, local communities, and national and international  organizations.

The team will be split in two, one starting from the North Cape on the 5th of June 2022, the second one beginning their journey in Cabo da Roca on September 1st 2022. The idea is to unite in Vienna in April 2023. This approach allows comparing the developments in Northern and Southern Europe with regards to fighting the pending Climate Crisis and offers the potential of reaching different audiences by simultaneously reporting from Team A and B.

In the course of this project everyone is invited to join us on a part of this journey. For route details and weekly stages, please click on the link below (“See route details”). Due to organisation and logistical reasons, we have decided for various joining possibilities every few weeks, towns or cities that are easy to reach. If you intend to walk with us, please be aware of being responsable for the journey as well as the booking of accomodation etc. yourself. Please also fill out the application form below to allow us an overview of the number of people as well as the date and location of joining. After filling out our application form, you will receive a mail with further details. An additional online-meeting will follow to get to know each other and exchange about further details and questions.



… and what do I have to bring?

Checklist Hiking Equipment

The following list, compiled by the Wanderers, contains the most important information about the basic equipment for future hikers of the Climate Walk. We do not guarantee completeness and would like to point out that it is up to each individual to decide what he/she/them needs and wants to take along (also additionally) for the hike.

Since it will not always be possible to spend the night in a hotel/youth hostel or private rooms, the Wanderers team will also take along camping equipment (tent, etc.).
Again, we leave it up to our fellow hikers to decide if camping is an option for them.


  • Backpack + rain cover for backpack (weight of backpack: approx. 10-15% of own body weight)
  • Sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad (optional – please consider the respective day and accommodation)
  • Good hiking shoes, good hiking socks
  • Pants, T-shirts, warm shirts, hiking rain jacket
  • Headgear, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear
  •  Toiletries (share and care) – the less weight in the backpack the better
    • Soaps, nail scissors (as little plastic packaging as possible)
  • Small towel or thin travel towel
  • Drinking bottle(s), possibly 1x thermos
  • Magnesium, blister plaster, medicines, mosquito spray
    • Small first aid kit
  • Small snacks, small Swiss knife, spoon (for snacking)
  • Head lamp
  • (Smart) Phone, charging cable, powerbank, optional: Kindle, camera
  • Disinfectant and FFP2 mask

Other important info:

  • Covid rules – follow the 3 G’s (tested, vaccinated, recovered)!
  • Insurance
  • Have a good look at the trail beforehand (all details about altitude, trail conditions etc. on Komoot)
  • Book overnight accommodation (if necessary)