Climate Walk Lecture #1 – Introduction


Welcome to the first session of our transdisciplinary online lecture series on Climate Change with invited researchers and practitioners from all over Europe, hosted by the department of social and cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna and organized by young scholars and activists from the "Climate Walk" project group ( We are particularly proud […]

Climate Walk Lecture #2 – Research/Ethnography on Foot (“We Walk”)


After having discussed the diversity and multiplicity of perspectives on Climate Change and Climate Change Research, the second class - under the header of "We Walk!" - will deal with the heart of the Climate Walk's methodological approach, namely with walking! For sheding light on the potential and challenges of "research/fieldwork on foot", four brilliant […]

Climate Walk Lecture #3 – Climate Change Research across Disciplines (“We Listen”)


You are still with us! That is beautiful! Whereas the first two classes of the Climate Walk Lecture have dealt with Climate Change more generally and with walking as a way of first-hand experiencing Climate Change and Changing Climates, the third class deals with Climate Change research across different disciplines and universities - be it […]

Climate Walk Lecture #4 – Climate Change, Education and Global Citizenship (“We Talk”)


More information will be added in time   With regards to access to and grading of the lecture series: All the classes can be accessed through a recurring Zoom link open for everyone: Besides, studens of the University of Vienna may want to register for the course. For successfully completing the course and getting […]

Webinar – Studying the Environment in/and the Humanities: US in the Spotlight


***Due to technical problems, the webinar was postponed from the 8th to the 15th of April.*** Webinar by the University of Ostrava With an eye to the rapidly growing field of environmental humanities, the webinar will offer diverse takes on the US environment from the perspective of the humanities. Both students and faculty of the […]

Climate Walk Lecture #5 – Climate Change in Visuals and Arts (“We Create”)


Under the header of "we create", we will approach Climate Change through an Arts and Visuals perspective in our class on 22nd of April. You all know the heartbreaking pictures of malnourished ice bears floating on ice sheets through the ocean. You also know the exponential curves of emissions, of species gone extinct in the […]

Climate Walk Lecture #6 – Climate Change Communication & Socio-Ecological Transformation (“We Conn_Act”)


We have so far spoken about four of our five project dimensions - "we walk", "we listen" (research), "we talk" (education), "we create" (media-art) -, but not explicitly about mobilizing and getting people together for a common cause! For what we term "connActing" people, that is bringing people together through an emancipatory agenda, we need […]

Climate Walk Lecture #7 – Outlook and Wrap-Up

After having looked at Climate Change and the Climate Crisis from all of the project's five perspectives, our final panel discussion titled "Fighting the climate crisis: prospects and challenges" is dedicated to discussing alternative pathways that we may take from here. In the course of that, we will discuss strategies for a socio-ecological transformation and […]

Climate Walk – Final Lecture

After having enjoyed all the guest lectures and panel discussions, we kindly invite you to one final session, dedicated to informal exchange, to learning more about this years' Climate Walk in Austria and to joint reflection. So in case you want to get involved or to join us either on our walk through Austria or […]