Project preparation

The Climate Walk offers an opportunity for interested Wanderers-to-be to join the Climate Walk team to support the Wanderers of Changing Worlds realizing the project with their own knowledge, skills, creativity and passion. As the project is seperated into several dimensions (We Walk, Talk, Listen, Create, ConnAct), there are various possibilities and options to participate in the working processes.

Besides being part of the project planning, you can join us on our adventure – on the Walk itself – and enjoy the diversity of natural and cultural landscapes of Europe. This is thus a great opportunity to network internationally with a broad variety of people, organizations and institutions while walking with us for some time.

A once in a lifetime chance for you

If you are interested to act in some way and support the Wanderers of Changing Worlds, we are more than happy about motivated people that want to help us with the organisation of the Climate Walk. As a Co-Wanderer of the project you will be responsible for dedicated tasks within one of the dimensions of the Climate Walk (We Walk, We Listen, We Talk, We Create, We ConnAct, Event). Through the association behind the project we are also able to host students for their (mandatory) internships and issue them internship certificates afterwards.

If you are interested in one of the possibilities layed out below
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