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The Climate Walk is a project by the Wanderers of Changing Worlds, a small team of enthusiasts with big goals, and there is only so much we can do by ourselves. In order to accomplish our goals, we need support from people and organizations like you(rs). Whether it is funding, expertise, publicity, contacts – we are open to suggestions and grateful for everything. If you are interested, we would be happy for a chance to introduce ourselves and talk about possibilities of cooperation.

Want to support us?

Donate or support our crowdfunding

We are happy about any contribution you make to the project. To keep our operations running and to boost the project in its current starting phase we are relying on donations.

Become an official project partner

There are different forms of partnerships that will enable this project: Through monetary/commodity/service contributions, or by sharing your network and knowledge with us.

Become a Co-Wanderer

As a Co-Wanderer, you can support us by organising and realising the project itself. In addition, you are welcome to walk some parts of the route with us.

Support us by filling out our survey

Besides emotional or financial support, we would be grateful if you could help us by filling out our questionnaires. They are available in various languages (to be updated soon):

Click on one of the boxes above to learn more about this option of support. If you have any open questions or if you want to become a project partner, get in touch with us!

Become a Co-Walker

Want to join us walking for some time? We will open the application form for interested people soon. In the meantime, please check out the following link for further details about the stages:

Official project partners


Summiteers are our major project partners that on the one side support us with a substantial amount of money (or goods or services). On the other side they engage with us throughout the whole project for specific topics.


Travellers are project partners that support us with a certain amount of money (or goods or services). In addition a few, locally and thematically bound events will be realized with them.
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Generation Earth


Instead of supporting us with money, goods or services, Guides support us with their network, social media outreach and deeper knowledge in specific thematic areas of interest to our project.
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Promoting Project Partners


Fellows are promoting members of our association that agree to support us financially over four years. There is no dedicated thematic cooperation necessary.

Yes, you’re seeing right, no one is here yet. Read the information above and become the first one(s)!


Supporters are promoting members of our association that agree to support us financially for one year. There is no dedicated thematic cooperation necessary.
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Allies support us with individual smaller financial contributions, either through donations or in the context of our crowdfunding campaign. Allies can also be individuals that support our project through their input.

Reinhilde Spiekermann
Bernd Hebel
Corina-Theresa Schwarz
Isabell Riedl
Evgenia Tsianou
Kathrin Gusenbauer (Logo Designer)
Renate Rosenegger
Michael Schober
Mario Hlavac
Philipp Kapplmüller
Madli Oras
Julia Berger
Enrico Eichinger
Severin Fraundorfer
Veronika Hebenstreit
Evgenia Tsianou
Schloss Lind
Bürgerinitiative Neumarkt
Camping Riffler
Alpencamping Mark Weer


Media partners

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Political Cooperators

Even though we consider the Climate Walk a political, that is a value-driven, critical and emancipatory project, we refuse to be influenced in our project decisions by political parties, their related organizations and institutional bodies. Where we are supported by political parties or political bodies, this support remains restricted to donations and networking activities. At no point, do we allow this support to weaken our topical and party-political independence.

Yes, you’re seeing right, no one is here yet. Read the information above and become the first one(s)!