Paul Polivka

Paul Polivka


I am studying Geography at the University of Freiburg where I have a strong interest in political
ecology and the intersection of political-societal and ecological issues. The engagement for
sustainability, climate justice and a more solidary society has been an important part of my life over
the last years. In this context I have been volunteering for different NGOs in the fields of
environment and migration. The Climate Walk perfectly connects these interests with my
enthusiasm for hiking and being outside.

Why do you work on the Climate Walk?

„I think connecting perspectives of both natural and social sciences is crucial when it comes to
dealing with the climate crisis. The Climate Walk offers the great possibility to bring this
interdisciplinary approach to the public in a creative way which may also open a window to listen
and learn from each other. This project has a huge potential to bring people together in one of the
most important issues of our time and I am thrilled to be a part of it!“


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