Gerald Hofbauer

Portrait von Gerald Hofbauer


Gerald Hofbauer studies Political Science at the University of Vienna, where he is currently writing his Masters Thesis about Democratic Theory of Degrowth. In his studies he has focussed on political and democratic theory, international politics, and conflict studies. He is also currently involved with organising the Degrowth Vienna Conference 2020 as part of the PR team.

Why do you work on the Climate Walk?

“The Climate Walk acknowledges Climate Change as a practical problem we all have to somehow adapt to. Let’s learn with and from each other how to do so!”


As former Core Team member, Gerald was responsible for Outreach and Communication, Crowdfunding as well as for most of the wonderful blog posts about the project. He always amazed us with his beautiful way of transforming words into pictures, his creative way of being and his humor. We are very happy to still keep him as an Affiliate of the Climate Walk project.

Contact Information

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