Greta Middendorf

Portrait of Greta Middendorf


Greta Middendorf is currently doing her Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Faculty of Global Political Studies at Malmö University. She is particularly interested in how stereotypes fuel conflicts between different groups and how inequalities are reinforced in every-day interaction between people. Through having the chance to live and work in different contexts and countries, she got the opportunity to engage in dialogue with a wide range of people and listen to their – often opposing – opinions and world views. She spends her free time with Inline skating, biking and volleyball.

Why do you support the Climate Walk?

I support the Climate Walk because of its ability to include unheard voices and opinions, to enable dialogue and connect people across the continent on eye-level.”


As former Co-Walker, Greta together with Nina set up the wonderful podcast for the Austria Walk (Climate Walk – Geh’ma, Austria!) in Summer 2021 and supported the research part. She always brightened us up with her energetic, eloquent and humorous way of being. We are very happy to still keep her as an Affiliate of the Climate Walk project.

Contact Information

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