Katharina Rössel



I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in “International Development” at the University of Vienna. My studies focus on inequality, equity and the climate crises. This year I also got my Diploma in Digital Filmmaking and Media Design. I feel at home in the mountains whether it´s hiking, climbing, or skiing. While traveling to different countries in the global south I got to explore a variety of marvelous landscapes and after understanding what is at stake, I came to the conclusion that immediate action is required. I started to participate in an environmental NGO and I look forward to supporting the wanderers of changing worlds to spread unheard stories and new findings.

Why do you support the Climate Walk?

“I got to know the project during my education in Digital Filmmaking and was immediately amazed by the ambition of the team. After creating a trailer for the Climate Walk, the team asked if I would like to help them document their path via video. I happily accepted the offer and I am eager to combine my hobbies and values under this Project. It gives hope and energy to be part of a growing group of people making a step (or actually many steps) towards a sustainable future.”


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