Leonie Wimmer



I am a Bachelor Student of Cultural- and Social Anthropology as well as Political Science at the University of  Vienna. I’m also interested in everything that involves art and currently exploring myself in Multi-Media arts, such as sculpting, painting, drawing, stamp making, sewing and digital art. Some of my other interests include hiking, travelling, climbing, acrobatics and yoga as well as environmental activism.

Why do you support the Climate Walk?

I’m interested in how the global phenomena of the Climate Crisis is experienced in a variety of local settings. Therefore, I support the Climate Walk, since the project perfectly aims at understanding and exploring this diversity. But even beyond that, the Climate Walk combines research with activism, education and art, which makes it overly thrilling for me. I’m excited to connect with the various aspects of the Climate Walk and most importantly the people who participate.


  • Media/Art

Contact Information

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