Markus Lerchbaum



I am a documentary filmmaker working at the intersection of politics and arts. I completed my Bachelor studies in “Multimedia Art” at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg and currently study “Political Science” at the University of Vienna. The last three years, I have been working in close collaboration with Pakistani producer and director Sabiha Sumar. Our most recent project together was the documentary film „Die Ungläubigen vom Hindukusch – Die bunte Kultur der Kalasha“ commissioned by ARTE. I am also currently working at the humanitarian and anti-racist NGO “Asyl in Not” in Vienna.

Why do you support the Climate Walk?

“I am convinced that Climate Walk’s three pillars – research, education and media-art – are the foundation of a very impactful project. It doesn’t matter how much research is being carried out if it’s not being communicated to a big audience. That is why a documentary series is the perfect tool to make the information gathered accessible to as many people as possible. The series will be guided by science and narrated by nature and people along the way.”


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