Ria-Maria Adams

Wanderer of Changing Worlds


Ria-Maria Adams is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna and holds a Master´s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her research interests revolve around Arctic youth well-being, with a particular regional focus on Finnish Lapland. Currently, she is funded by the fellowship programme ‘uni:docs’ by the University of Vienna and contributes as a guest researcher at the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland) to the project: ‘Live, Work or Leave? Youth – wellbeing and the viability of (post) extractive Arctic industrial cities in Finland and Russia’. Previously, Ria spent five years in Bangladesh working in the NGO sector with a special emphasis on guiding volunteers. She enjoys traveling, photography and exploring new places through walking.


  • Coordination of university courses
  • Coordination and coaching of students

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