Stephan Glatzel

Member of the Knowledge Association

Background information

Full professor of Geoecology / Department of Geography and Regional Research at the University of Vienna

Why do you support the Climate Walk?

“Climate change is already affecting and will continue to profoundly affect the way we live. Unprecedented efforts to mitigate and to adapt to Climate Change are required by human societies. The Climate Walkers aim to understand the many facets of human response to climate change, by listening and learning and taking the time to understand the complex issues. The Climate Walkers aim at connecting research, education and media and arts projects to reach out and communicate. This great grassroots initiative initiated by young people, who are the future of our planet deserves to be recognized and supported. I am happy to support this initiative by listening, as the Climate Walkers do and by giving advice from a Geoecology perspective, as much of my research is about the interactions between humans and their environment.”

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