Timo Bühler

Portrait von Timo Bühler


Timo Bühler has formerly studied Business Information Management and worked at IBM in different countries. Then, he started a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and finished his Master’s degree in Science-Technology-Society, both at the University of Vienna. His general interest concerns the relations of societies and information technologies and thus how digital infrastructures can be made more sustainable. He is the founder of the sustainable webhosting and webdesign company betterNet, that works specifically with individuals and organizations that want to make the world a better place.

Why do you work on the Climate Walk?

“The Climate Walk is not just an idea, it is the promise that change is possible when we bring together people from different backgrounds and give them the opportunity to communicate and act together.”

As former Core Team member, Timo set up our wonderful website, brought some structure into the project and always brightened us up with his sensible, humourous and creative way of being. We are very happy to still keep him as a Co-Walker of the Climate Walk project.