Volunteer Program

Support us, walk with us

The volunteer program of the Climate Walk is an opportunity for young academics, activists and artists to create and realise their own small projects related to climate change. Besides doing their own reasearch, art work or other kinds of projects, the participants of the volunteer program will work together closely with our Walkers in the fields. This is thus a great opportunity to network internationally with like-minded people while walking with us through Europe for some time.

Our volunteer program

A once in a lifetime chance for you

***Please note that currently we are not able to welcome any more participants at our volunteers program. Subscribe to our newsletter or our social media channels to stay updated about future possibilities.***


The Climate Walk will open up the opportunity for volunteers to join us on our walk for some time to support our team on the ground and/or work on own projects.

If you are interested to act in some way already now, we are more than happy about motivated people that want to support us with the organisation of the Climate Walk. As an affiliate of the project you would be responsible for dedicated tasks within one of the three pillars of the Climate Walk (research, education, media-art). Through the association behind the project we are also able to host students for their (mandatory) internships and issue them internship certificates afterwards.

In the summer term of 2021 we will host an interdisciplinary online lecture at the University of Vienna. The participation in this lecture is mandatory for all volunteers. If a direct participation is not possible we will provide the recordings as well as materials afterwards.

To be transparent: We are (unfortunately) currently not in the situation to pay any money. This is true for our core team as for everyone else involved in the project. We hope to change this in the future. Nevertheless we have various things to offer as you can see below.

If you are interested in one of the possibilities layed out below sign up or reach out to us at any time:

What you can do

To support this project

For everyone who is interested in doing their own project related to the topic of climate change the Climate Walk offers different possibilities:

  • Help us to find new project partners all over Europe
  • Coordinate events, workshops, or joined actions with our partners in Europe
  • Do country specific scientifc recherche on climate change policies and actions
  • Organize and execute your own climate actions during the walk
  • Support us by translating our materials to other languages
  • Join our wanderers for some time and support our social media team on the ground
  • ...and many exciting things more!

What we can offer

For your engagement

Internship Certificate

If you have or want to do an internship in a transdisciplinary project in the context of climate change and changing climateS we can issue a matching internship certificate.

Lasting Connections

Through our project we enable you to get in touch with NGOs, municipalities, and companies from all over Europe that engage with the topic of climate change.

Action Platform

You already have engaging ideas for creating climate action? Our project can give you the stage and the public outreach throughout Europe (and beyond) that you need.

What we need from you

If you want to become a part of this project

As our core team has learned over the past months, working on the Climate Walk needs a mix of dedication, creativity, and a dash of craziness:

  • Do you have new and engaging ideas for the Climate Walk?
  • Are you able to structure your work in such a way that the whole team can benefit?
  • Are you realistic in estimating the amount of work and the time required?
  • If you want to join us as a volunteer on the walk, do you have experience in (long-distance) hiking?
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