Walk & Work

“The Climate Walk offers an opportunity for interested Wanderers-to-be to join the Climate Walk for a specific time period, be it two weeks or two months. While walking with us, you can enjoy the diversity of natural and cultural landscapes of Europe. This is also a great opportunity to network internationally with a broad variety of people, organizations and institutions. During the walk, you will part of the Climate Walk team and participate in the various activities that await us on the adventure.”

A once in a lifetime chance for you

“If you are interested to act in some way and support the Wanderers of Changing Worlds, we are more than happy about motivated people that want to help us during the Climate Walk. As a Co-Wanderer, you will walk with us as part of the team, be part of our activities along the way and help out with various tasks.

Through the association behind the project we are also able to host students for their (mandatory) internships and issue them internship certificates afterwards.

If you are interested in one of the possibilities layed out below

sign up on the application form.”


on the Climate Walk

There are several roles that you might have while you’re walking with us. Here’s what you can do:

  • Help us to communicate with people in the local language
  • Taking photos and filming (for media and social media)
  • Help with conducting interviews with people along the way, distributing surveys, taking field/observation notes and keeping a field diary
  • Organize and execute your own climate actions during the walk
  • ...and many more exciting things!

What we can offer

For your engagement

Internship Certificate

If you have or want to do an internship in a transdisciplinary project in the context of climate change and changing climateS we can issue a matching internship certificate.

Lasting Connections

Through our project we enable you to get in touch with NGOs, municipalities, and companies from all over Europe that engage with the topic of climate change.

Action Platform

You already have engaging ideas for creating climate action? Our project can give you the stage and the public outreach throughout Europe (and beyond) that you need.