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Knowledge Association

The Knowledge Association serves as an advisory council to support our project’s work. It consists of relevant stakeholders from the academic field, NGOs, political and institutional bodies.
The list is constantly updated.

Portrait of Miriam Bahn

Miriam Bahn

Environmental Education and Coordination of Volunteers at Global 2000, Vienna, Austria

The project “Wanderers of Changing Worlds” inspired me from the very beginning. I particularly like the fact that young people are involved in the process of dealing with the issues of climate change and climate protection.

Portrait of Dorothea Born

Dorothea Born

Lecturer at the University of Vienna, Department for Science and Technology Studies

To understand climate change we need to understand its local impacts. And we need to involve diverse publics in their experiences with climate change. This is what the Climate Walk does, in a highly intriguing and inspiring way.

Portrait of Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo, Norway

The Wanderers of Changing Worlds is a really creative and innovative initiative aiming to raise consciousness inside and outside of the monastic academic world, building dialogue and spreading knowledge across several kinds of borders. I cannot think of a more auspicious time for this kind of project.

Portrait of Monika Fröhler

Monika Fröhler

CEO of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, Vienna, Austria

What an inspiring team of young global citizens, walking the talk and researching about climate change and its impact across Europe. The Ban Ki-moon Centre is excited to support the efforts on SDG 4 and SDG 13.

Portrait of Elisabeth Gaus

Elisabeth Gaus

EG, Consultant General Medicine with additional qualifications in Phytotherapy, Mind Body Medicine & Lecturer in subjects of Health Promotion & Mountain Hiking Guide

I do want to support Climate Walk! What a great idea to walk across many countries, to open your senses, to listen humbly to people, to know various cultures and ways of life. I do believe that this is the only way to get really connected: with one another, with nature, with yourself! May the road rise up to meet you…

Portrait of Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl

Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl

Area Director Campaigns at Südwind, Vienna, Austria

Südwind supports the Wanderers of Changing Worlds because with our campaigns and educational activities we also take many steps towards a sustainable future and for the sustainable development goals and we go best and furthest together.

Image credit: Alexander Chitsazan

Portrait of Katharina Gsöllpointner

Katharina Gsöllpointner

Head of the Department International Programmes in Sustainable Developments at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Climate Walk – what a tremendous idea! I am more than happy to support this project since our department’s fundamental function is to equip young people with the inter- and crossdisciplinary competencies, skills, and abilities that serve them as an indispensable basis for their engagement with the Grand Global Challenges.

Image credit: Ana Loureiro Fernandes

Portrait of Christoph Görg

Christoph Görg

Social Ecologist at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria/Bonn, Germany

Hiking is like doing research: critically scrutinizing what already exists and looking for something better.

Image credit: Pilo Pichler

Kerstin Krellenberg

Full professor of Urban Studies, Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna

“We have gathered facts about climate change and its impacts. We have included people in our research to find answers to our questions, with the aim to develop adaption measures based on peoples’ vulnerability. But, there is still a strong need to listen to peoples’ individual needs and to take their concerns seriously – that`s why the approach of the Wanderers of Changing Worlds is highly appreciated.”

Image credit: University of Vienna

Portrait of Herta Nöbauer

Herta Nöbauer

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Vienna, Austria

I find the idea of grounding this project on walking across Europe fantastic and convincing in ecological, social, political, and methodological terms. We may expect surprising insights from this project for comprehending climate issues from perspectives hitherto less noticed. It is a pleasure for me to share experiences and knowledge with this team of young, engaged wanderers.

Image credit: Erika Pechtl

Portrait of Melanie Pichler

Melanie Pichler

Political Scientist at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

I support the Wanderers of Changing Worlds as I like the integration of scientific and everyday knowledge as well as the transformative approach of the project.

Carina Pimpel

Carina Pimpel

Interim. General Secretary, inclusion policy – Lebenshilfe Austria

Lebenshilfe Österreich supports the Wanderers of Changing World, sharing one vision and standing up for an open and inclusive world.

Portrait of Oliver Ressler

Oliver Ressler

Artist and filmmaker who works on issues such as economics, democracy, migration, climate breakdown, forms of resistance and social alternatives

A climate walk creates the chance to establish bonds to local communities and to testify the ecological collapse of landscapes as an effect of climate disruption. Walking, listening and learning is also a perfect preparation to get yourself ready to what should not be considered a choice but an obligation of every human being: connecting with the swarming bodies confronting Capitalocene’s worst polluters and nation-states unwilling to seriously mitigate carbon emissions.

Image credit: Lineematiche, Luca Guadagnini

Portrait of Gertrude Saxinger

Gertrude Saxinger

Social anthropologist at the University of Bern and the Austrian Polar Research Institute APRI

Contemporary societal and ecological challenges require a new thinking about futures for the globe. Walking triggers ideas. Let’s become Wanderers of Changing Worlds!

Portrait of Peter Schweitzer

Peter Schweitzer

Professor and Chair of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna; Director of the Austrian Polar Research Institute

Walking is one of the best ways for experiencing and knowing the world. And Climate Walk is a wonderful project at the intersection of science and activism, full of youthful energy.

Portrait of Gonçalo Vieira

Gonçalo Vieira

Physical Geographer / Director of the ULisboa College on Polar and Extreme Environments and Scientific Coordinator of the Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark, Lisbon, Portugal

Wanderers of Changing Worlds is an excellent initiative to assess climate change problems at the local and community level, involve the communities and showcase issues and solutions that can be used for promoting sustainable development from the individual to the policy level.