Climate Walk through Europe

Starting in June 2022, we were walking through 16 European countries, exploring human perceptions, experiences and practices in dealing with Climate Change, and promote cooperation between individuals, local communities, and national and international organizations.

About the Walk

The alternating team was split in two, one started from the North Cape on the 5th of June 2022, the second one began their journey in Cabo da Roca on September 1st 2022. The idea was to unite in Vienna on April 15th, 2023. This approach allowed us to compare the developments in Northern and Southern Europe with regards to fighting the pending Climate Crisis and offers the potential of reaching different audiences by simultaneously reporting from Team North and South.

In the course of this project everyone was and is still invited to join us on a part of this journey. In addition, there were and still will be workshops along the path, through which we try to bring as many local and global actors as possible to a common table. Parallel to this, we are using various social media channels and blog, audio and visual  contributions to make the insights gained from visiting various European places and landscapes available to a wider public.

The Wanderers reached their final destination!

Check out the route of Team North and Team South

Two teams are walking through Europe for several months now. Help us to continue our great walk by supporting us via a donation. We are grateful about every little donation!

Life itself is as much a long walk as it is a long conversation, and the ways along which we walk are those along which we live.

(Ingold/Vergunst 2008: 1)

Song “Climate Walk – Wanderers of Changing Worlds”

Lyrics, Vocals and Guitar: Martin Thalhammer (
E-Bass: Merlin Hochmeier (,
Background Vocals: Eva-Maria Holzinger & Anna Schreinlechner
Recorded and produced by: Tobias Schützenberger (,,…)