Alexandra Sabine Stieger

Portrait von Alexandra Stieger


Alexandra Stieger is currently completing her master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology with emphasis on ecology and economy at the University of Vienna. Besides her work on the Climate Walk, especially in regard to media and art, she works in the field of applied education and labor market research. In addition to all this, her passion is her garden and sustainable food production, which was also a central topic during her studies. Both inside and outside her little house, plants and her old cuddly cat give her the energy she needs for all her projects.

Why do you work on the Climate Walk?

“It is through media and art that we want to share these ‘unheard voices’ and ‘unseen places’ with a wider audience. And in this way, form bonds – not only between people all over Europe, but also between the global and local perception of Climate Change.”


As former Core Team member, Alexandra was responsible for the media art and social media part of the Climate Walk projekt. She also brought some structure into the project and always motivated us with her innovative and critical way of thinking about different topics as well as her sensitive way of being. We are very happy to still keep her as an Affiliate of the Climate Walk project.

Contact Information

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